Chris Hickman
Chris Hickman VP of Technology

Healthcare software is Kelsus’s primary focus. We build secure, scalable, distributed systems that are HIPAA compliant and use modern web and cloud technologies.

Working with sensitive data and building complex systems is in Kelsus’s DNA. Our VP of Technology, Chris Hickman, a former Microsoft developer, leads the charge when it comes to developing a team of qualified experts in the healthcare software realm.

Prior to joining Kelsus, Chris was held a leadership role in the software development arm of Arivale, a Seattle-based wellness company that uses genotype and medical data to create individualized health recommendations and programs for it’s members.

Given that Arivale is entrusted with highly sensitive personal health and medical information and that many Arivale clients are business leaders and high net worth individuals, irreparable harm could be caused in the event of a data breach, further stressing the importance of protecting information (both within the company as well as outside).

Chris has leveraged his experience at Arivale to build a world class team of healthcare software professionals at Kelsus. Here are a few highlights of Kelsus’s HIPAA compliant software practice:

  • All employees receive comprehensive training in HIPAA.
  • As part of safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), all software and processes are structured to adhere to HIPAA-specified data privacy and security provisions.
  • Use proven, HIPAA compliant AWS services and architectures for all software deployments.
  • Execute Business Associate Addendum’s (BAA) on behalf of our clients and ensure that any 3rd parties also execute BAAs.

Featured Projects


ChatBunker is a secure, HIPAA compliant scheduling and communications system for doctors and healthcare professionals working within and across practices.  Kelsus has partnered with ChatBunker to do product, security, and software development consulting.


Ouchie is part of the movement in healthcare to improve patient outcomes by harnessing the power of frequent and relevant patient health data. It is a mobile app that uses social connection to encourage patients to share and track their pain recovery.