Internet of Things


Kelsus developers are rangers on the IoT frontier. Founder Jon Christensen started working in the IoT space in 1999 at a spinoff of the MIT Media Lab called Presto Technologies. There he worked with Henry Holtzman, Mike Hawley, and others to build “The Thing Network”

Throughout his career, Jon has continued to work with light weight connected devices and in the Payments Industry. Most recently Jon was chosen by SIIA to be a panelist in the IoT installment of their Deciphering Series in Denver, San Diego, and San Francisco.

At the helm of Kelsus, Jon has continued to be deeply involved in and motivated to build solutions that automatically collect and use the data emanating from the things in the world around us. Some examples of this charge are listed below.

Featured Projects



Software development for a live musical performance during the 2016 CES Keynote and for Intel booth demonstrations.

Certified Pressure Testing

An industrial IoT solution. Oil and gas industry real-time decision support software

Certified Technologies