Artificial Intelligence


A large number of Kelsus developers were originally hired by a company called Taaz that was an early pioneer in using computer vision on the web. That company allowed people to upload images and give themselves realistic looking makeovers using a flash tool.  This was before HTML5 was in common use.

One of the founders of Taaz was Dr. Satya Mallick and Kelsus has retained close ties to him and his company Big Vision, LLC. Satya has also created an online course on Computer Vision for Faces that includes several Kelsus developers as graduates.

In addition to computer vision work, Kelsus has also become involved in other kinds of machine learning:

  • Small data set training and learning with Scikit Learn
  • Trained large scale deep learning models with Tensorflow
  • Developed chatbots using Microsoft Chatbot Framework and the LUIS intent engine

At Kelsus we are practitioners or machine learning and not researchers. The world of machine learning has progressed to the point where there is much that can be done by practitioners, and in fact most of the future of AI will be built by people without doctoral degrees. Nonetheless, we highlight our relationship with Dr Mallick and some of the other computer vision PhDs from Taaz as a backstop for those times when the results from a model aren’t behaving the way we hope and we need to bring in the experts to move a project forward.

Featured Project

Sales Chatbot

Sales Chatbot

A working prototype chat bot built using the Microsoft Bot Framework, the LUIS intent engine, and Google’s Tensorflow