Success Stories

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1. Startup Situation

JustLegal was called LawBooth when they originally met Kelsus at the beginning of 2017. They had recently moved their startup from the Boulder, CO market to Austin, TX and were setting up shop in the Capital Factory and brought in experienced technology leader Frank Robles. JustLegal was deep in sales mode trying to hit targets in preparation for another funding round, and knew that in order to scale quickly they needed the scheduling part of lawyer-to-client matching platform to be self managed for law firms.

2. How Kelsus Helped

Frank Robles was a new CTO to JustLegal and spent some time vetting Kelsus’s technical background before selecting Kelsus to build the self-managed scheduling platform for the company. He knew that he wanted to build the platform around a 3rd party system called Cronofy that had easy-to-use oauth integrations into calendars like google and outlook, and Kelsus suggested that we could build the whole system as a separate microservice with it’s own front end and integrate that front end into the existing Ruby on Rails application.

That’s exactly what Kelsus did. At the same time, a new team of developers at JustLegal, under Frank’s direction, were rewriting the core platform in Python. Kelsus trained that group of developers how to deploy their new system with Docker on AWS in the same infrastructure that the scheduling system was using.

Near the end of Kelsus’s engagement with JustLegal, they were being evaluated by a potential acquirer, DigitalTown, and had technical milestones they needed to meet for the acquisition to be finalized. Kelsus supported those milestones and participated in the ultimate acquisition by accepting shares of DigitalTown as payment for software development services.

3. Highlights

  • Supported JustLegal through to successful acquisition even as JustLegal’s prior round of funding was running out.
  • Built secure scheduling system as a separate service from the main app enabling parallel development across disconnected teams without creating time consuming dependencies.
  • On time and on budget delivery despite what appeared to be significant changes in scope as the project got underway.

4. What They're Saying

"I have had the chance to work with Jon and his company the last few months and have nothing but positive results and a positive outlook to share along with a perspective and desire to work together in the future." Frank Robles | CTO Just Legal / COO Digital Town