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(ID Watchdog)

1. Startup Situation

ID Watchdog was essentially a startup, but they were initially funded by becoming a public company via the Pink Sheets. They provided identity management services to consumers but did so with an interesting business model. Rather than sell their software directly to consumers, they partnered with HR Benefits managers and created an identity management benefit for employees. Benefits managers chose identity management benefits based on a feature matrix, and ID Watchdog was missing a comprehensive mobile app.

Equifax/ID Watchdog mobile app screenshots

2. How Kelsus Helped

ID Watchdog’s need was clear. They needed a mobile app to essentially “check the box” for benefits managers when doing comparisons of which identity management company to include in benefits packages they provided to HR organizations at various companies.

This requirement created unique contraints on Kelsus. How to build an app that delights and informs users but doesn’t create an additional burden on ID Watchdog? The most critical piece of this was building a crash, free intuitive app that didn’t generate support requests.

Kelsus designed and built both Android and iOS apps and got them to zero crash stability.

Equifax acquired ID Watchdog in 2018 and selected Kelsus to add a credit locking feature to the mobile apps and make all required changes based on a security audit that they performed of the code.

3. Highlights

  • Passed extremely thorough code-level security audit instituted by Equifax partly in response to the security issues that caused the 2018 breach.
  • ID Watchdog needed zero technical support or maintenance on mobile apps between initial delivery and acquisition by Equifax due to the extremely high stability bar met by Kelsus development.
  • Kelsus created a secure touch id and face id authentication best practice sample code and guide for future development based on our experience securing the ID Watchdog mobile apps.