EVO Payments

EVO Payments

Mobile SDK for Electronic Payments

EVO Payments international is the 4th largest non-bankcard acquirer in North America processing payments for over 160,000 businesses. For EVO, Kelsus has been working to build tools for developers. EVO hosts a payments platform that enables developers to connect their own applications for payment processing via a large number of domestic and international payment service providers.

Kelsus delivered a major upgrade of EVO’s mobile payments SDK, Commerce Driver™, on Android™ and iOS platforms. Kelsus added EMV chip, PIN and contactless transaction processing for the European region, Gift Card (Stored Value Account) processing, plus a complete overhaul of the SDK architecture for better performance and global standardization. Commerce Driver™ enables secure, PCI-compliant, EMV global transaction processing in Android™, iOS, and Windows®-based point-of-sale (POS) applications.



  • Kelsus first project was delivered under budget on an aggressive schedule, and subsequent projects continue to be on time and on or under budget.
  • Mobile apps built to meet PCI (Payment Card Industry) security compliance


  • iOS and Android native apps
  • iOS Framework and Android library distribution
  • 3rd party hardware integration for connecting with chip and pin and magstripe readers