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Sphero Specdrums

tap colors. make music.

A fun new way to make music

When Sphero acquired Specdrums in 2018, they wanted to push forward Steven Dourmashkin’s vision of playable rings that were portable and fun for kids and musicians of all types. Stephen had already had success attracting attention to his vision when Specdrums was a standalone company with a hot kickstarter campaign. With Sphero’s help, they could standardize and scale up production of the rings and bring Sphero’s beautuful app design capabilities to bear in making an engaging mobile app to go along with the rings.

True Partnership

Working with Sphero was a true partnership for Kelsus. Sphero’s deep design and product experience perfectly meshed with Kelsus’s mobile development and mobile UX experience in the form of excellent collaborative meetings and very high velocity development of an app that has been wowing everyone that’s had a chance to play with it.

Check out this video to get a better sense of the buzz at CES:

At the time of this writing, Kelsus has helped Sphero release the first version of the mobile apps and their back end services for Specdrums, but as the popularity of the rings increases, the work to design and build new features is ongoing.


  • High praise over CES demos from Wired, Engaget, CNET, and Rolling Stone.
  • Cross company collaboration with Sphero team building hardware, firmware, bluetooth SDKs, and CI/CD and Kelsus building mobile apps and some back end features.
  • First version of app already internationalized and GDPR compliant.


  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Using Google’s new Oboe┬áC++ library for Android low latency audio on Android
  • Google Firebase back end to manage synchronizing and customizing soundpack libraries