Success Stories

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1. Startup Situation

ZooPix approached Kelsus with the idea of a social network for pets in 2017. As a family team, Will, Bill, and Cheryl Reilly believed that given the way people were turning against Facebook (and therefore Instagram) for it’s privacy practices, and given that the idea of ‘petfluencers’ was starting to surge, that they could make a vibrant community just for pets.

ZooPix is currently the top rated social network for pets and beloved among its users with over 1000 five star reviews on the App Store.

Will, Bill, and Cheryl know they’re onto something big and continue to invest in ZooPix’s growth with an unmatched passion in the world of pets.

Screenshots of Zoopix from 2019

2. How Kelsus Helped

Kelsus has partnered deeply with ZooPix and has helped with everything from product definition and development to marketing and business development.

A workable way of viewing the Kelsus partnership is that Jon Christensen at Kelsus has filled the CTO role and Federico Tuckey and Roshan Cholas have been product managers and engineering leads over the many months that ZooPix has been both in-development and live.

Kelsus has also brought in close partner Rich Staats of Secret Stache for website and marketing support.

3. Highlights

  • MVP built to be feature-rich from day 1 to meet high expectations of savvy social media users.
  • Lightweight, flexible, and scalable containerized AWS back end
  • Data driven feature decisions have steered us toward investing in more weekly Pet Show features. Users love the pet shows!

4. Testimonial

""Can’t say enough about working with the friendly and professional team at Kelsus!! Kelsus has provided clarity of vision to any proposed features and the impact they may have on our user experience. Kelsus also shares our passion for user privacy and has been meticulous in its' efforts to consider user privacy in every aspect of ZooPix. Last but not least, Kelsus has managed our project with a great deal of fiscal responsibility. The Team is always striving to develop the best product in the most cost efficient manner."" Will Reilly | ZooPix Founder