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Accelerate your Startup Journey

Kelsus provides expertly assembled software engineering teams that span the whole gambit of what startups need from lean product experimentation and guidance, to beautiful intuitive UI/UX design, to deep technical software planning and implementation.

Our mission is to get you from seed round to successful exit with reliable execution on the software side so that you can focus on that startup hustle.

What do you need for your startup?


A complete software engineering team

Whether your startup is building something complex that needs a dedicated designer, product manager, and engineering team or something simple that needs some quick design help and one or two engineers we can help, and we can right size the team to your burn rate.


Seed capital to get you to MVP quickly

Kelsus invests in some but not all of our clients. If there’s a good fit, we’ll contribute $25,000-$50,000 to your seed or pre-seed round.

The biggest benefit of an investment from Kelsus is that it leads to a natural alignment of Kelsus’s interests and those of the other investors and shareholders of your startup.