Build and Elevate

Let Kelsus train your team by building software that will serve as the basis for an engineering transformation

Regression bugs, slow delivery, down servers... Sound familiar?

Kelsus will work with you to find a small software project, build it with our Dockerized CI/CD pipeline, and help your team adopt our hyper-productive Lean-Agile & DevOps practices.

Our Technical Expertise

With a focus on security and scale, Kelsus hand selects the most efficient tools for the job at hand. We prefer running lean, and opt for a launch early, launch often development roadmap.














  • The team we worked with at Kelsus had the uncanny ability to articulate complex problems in a language our management team could understand.
    Rich Staats
    The Dropp

Data Wrangling at it's Finest

Your data is a paper weight without a strategy behind it. Kelsus works alongside your stakeholders to guide your systems through the 6 steps of data management.

01. Capture Data

01. Capture Data

Connect to the firehose of data from sensors, field devices, or users with AWS Kinesis. Look for ways to connect to the internet of things.

02. Store Data

Keep your data safe, secure, and available. We store transactions in AWS RDS Postgres databases, but for more complex business intelligence queries with vast amounts of data we move the data into AWS Redshift.

03. Publish Data

03. Publish Data

Organize your data behind microservice APIs written in node, python or ruby. Keep your microservices secure with both application layer and network layer security

04. View Data

See your data come to life in beautiful web and mobile applications. We love writing native mobile apps, but we also use modern web and mobile frameworks like react native, react.js and angular 2.

05. Analyze Data

05. Analyze Data

Analyze your data with custom dashboards built with complex queries and shown via d3 visualizations. Train scikit-learn or tensorflow machine learning and deep learning models with your data.

06. Leverage Data

06. Leverage Data

Automate decisions from the results of a well trained machine learning model. Create a virtuous cycle where the results of decisions are used to further train and refine the model.

A Growing Team of Life-long Learners

Jon Christensen

Jon Christensen


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Brad Swanson

Brad Swanson

Executive Vice President

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Chris Hickman

Chris Hickman

VP of Technology

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Raul Gerrmann

Raul Herrmann


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Federico Tuckey

Federico Tuckey


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Jon Diaz

Jonathan Diaz


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Lean Software Company Seeks Forward-Thinking Enterprise

We're a good match if any of the following sound familiar:

  • You’ve found that hiring, training and keeping top engineering talent is incredibly challenging, and you’re looking for a long term partner.
  • You have monolithic applications on aging infrastructure and get excited when thinking about migrating to the cloud.
  • You have access to data, but no solution in place to analyze and leverage this data.
  • Your business relies heavily on sensors and hardware, and you see the value in an Internet of Things solution to make better use of field data.

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