Transparent, Retainer-Based Pricing for AI Automation Services_


Invest in Expertise, Reap Tangible Results

At Kelsus, we believe in straightforward and clear pricing that aligns with the quality and expertise we bring to every project.

Developer Pricing

Our experienced developers are available at a retainer rate of $3,000 per week.

This rate ensures that you have dedicated professional talent working on automating and optimizing your operational processes with AI solutions.

AI Product Manager Pricing

Our AI Product Managers play a crucial role in guiding and overseeing your AI automation projects.

They work on an hourly rate of $200, billing in efficient, focused sessions to identify new automation opportunities and manage short burst automation projects.

This approach ensures that you get strategic oversight and targeted expertise exactly when you need it.

Flexible Engagement

Some of our clients have uncovered more software development needs than two people can handle. Some have even scaled up to needing multiple PMs.

We’ll work with you to scale your team up or down to create a predictable and right-sized burn rate and ROI for your organization.

Why Retainer-Based Pricing

Our retainer-based pricing reflects our commitment to building lasting relationships.

We price our services to encourage long-term partnerships, allowing us to stick around and continually add value to your business.

This approach has enabled us to work with some clients for over seven years, a testament to the enduring trust and mutual growth we foster with our partners.

How to Work With Us

All we need to do is have a meeting

If our pricing and skills are a fit, we can build a team and start working together within a matter of days.

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