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Guiding Enterprises Through Technological Revolution

Leadership Through Technology Cycles

With a seasoned history in navigating major technology shifts – from the rise of Web 2.0 and mobile to the cloud revolution – Kelsus is adept at leading the way through change. This deep experience positions us uniquely to guide your business in harnessing the latest AI advancements effectively.

Proven Track Record with Startups

Efficiency and Agility

Having contributed to the success of over 40 startup products and witnessed 12 acquisitions, our journey with startups has honed our ability to work with incredible efficiency. This agility translates into fast-paced, impactful development for your AI automation projects.

Deploying AI at Scale

Real-World Impact

Our expertise isn't just theoretical; it's proven in the field. We've implemented AI solutions at scale, including an OpenAI-backed project for one of the world's top pet retailers. This experience underscores our capability to deploy complex AI systems in large-scale operational environments.


Dave Herald

Principal Security Strategist at Splunk now at Google

Their flexibility to let me float in and be very involved in a product manager role at times; but more often they effortlessly took basic ideas from me, distilled functional requirements, design elements, and ran with it.

The team has a humble yet confident approach. No problematic egos! They take an agile approach.Creative (graphic design) work was included and beatufully done.

Steven Dourmashkin

Spectrum’s Founder & Sphere Product Manager

What I loved about working with Kelsus:

I really appreciated the willingness of Kelsus to work with us early on and quickly share our vision for Spectrums. We’ve continued to work with their team post-acquisition since they’ve become a strong software development partner and have proven to be critical to the success of our product.

Will Reilly

ZooPix Founder

Can’t say enough about working with the friendly and professional team at Kelsus! Kelsus has provided clarity of vision to any proposed features and the impact they might have on our user experience. Kelsus also shares our passion for user privacy in every aspect of ZooPix.

Last but not least, Kelsus has managed our project with a great deal of fiscal responsibility. The team is alway striving to develop the best product in the most cost efficient manner.

Senior Dev Manager

Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for APM

Throughout our partnership, the Kelsus team has consistently demonstrated not only technical prowess but also a deep understanding of our objectives and the unique challenges we face. Their ability to anticipate our needs, adapt to evolving requirements, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations has been nothing short of exceptional.

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