We Had Three Things In Mind_


When we founded Kelsus, we had three important principles that have guided us for over eleven years and continue to shape our journey into AI Operations Automation

Our Passion for Building Software

Our day begins with the excitement of creating software that's perfectly tailored for its purpose. This pride in craftsmanship has naturally evolved into our focus on AI-driven operational automation, ensuring every solution we build is not only technologically advanced but ideally suited to enhance business processes.

Surrounding Ourselves with Smart People

Our journey has always been about collaborating with the brightest minds. This extends beyond Kelsus to our clients, especially those embarking on the entrepreneurial journey. Our engagement in AI Operations Automation brings us into contact with innovative thinkers, further enriching this ecosystem of intelligence.

Valuing and Respecting Professionals

Our commitment to treating professionals well has never wavered. We ensure fair compensation and respect for work-life balance, both within our team and in our interactions with clients. This ethos is crucial as we navigate the demanding, yet rewarding, landscape of AI automation.

Kelsus Leadership

Jon Christensen

Jon's extensive experience in building technical and business teams across successful startups lays the foundation for Kelsus's venture into AI Operations Automation.

His insights as a TechStars mentor and software development enthusiast are invaluable in steering Kelsus towards innovative AI solutions.

Federico Tuckey

Fede's leadership has been pivotal in Kelsus’s growth. services.

His role in establishing Kelsus’s presence in Europe brings a global perspective to our AI operations automation

Raul Herrmann

Raul combines empathetic leadership with sharp technological expertise, qualities essential for guiding our team in delivering complex AI automation projects.

Jonathan Díaz

Jony’s technical acumen and his focus on creating flexible, maintainable architectures are at the heart of our AI operations automation services.

Roshan Cholas

Roshan brings a unique blend of technical and creative skills, essential for designing user-centric AI automation solutions.

Nahuel Burgos

Nahuel’s diverse development experience and expertise in specialized architectures, including AI and machine learning, are central to our AI-driven solutions.

Leandro Pallud

A key figure in pinpointing automation opportunities within multi-billion-dollar revenue clients, Leandro combines strategic vision with practical expertise.

He also plays a vital role at Kelsus in mentoring new engineering talent, guiding them in mastering professional engineering practices essential for AI automation success.

Evolving with AI Operations Automation

As Kelsus embarks on this new chapter, our core values and accumulated expertise converge to create a unique proposition in AI Operations Automation. We're excited to bring our history of innovation, efficiency, and technological mastery to businesses ready to transform their operations with AI.

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