Tailored AI Solutions for Operational Excellence_


Empowering Your Business with Customized AI-Driven Automation

Dedicated AI Team

Mission Alignment

Receive a specialized team—AI product manager and two skilled developers—focused on tailoring solutions to your business goals.

Streamlined Architecture

Integration Approach

As our developers craft custom automations, they create a cohesive, sustainable system, ensuring agility and resilience as your operations grow.

Data Privacy Assurance

Commitment to Security Best Practices

Prioritize security with in-house LLMs, sensitive data de-identification, and adherence to CISA guidelines for secure AI development.

Collaborative Learning

Empower your team through collaboration. Join forces with us to enhance knowledge, skills, and active participation in AI solution development.

Our Experience with Automation

Time Tracking

Kelsus built a system that compares timesheets in Quickbooks to data in a google calendar for vacation tracking that isn't well-structured. From this comparison, it can tell whether people have filled in their timesheets and whether managers need to take followup actions on days that should have been working days but don't include logged hours.

This not only saves manual effort for managers, but allows them to focus on higher value work rather than nagging project members.

Environment Management

Kelsus designed and built a system for a client that runs thousands of sales demos on AWS. The system uses a bin packing algorithm to intelligently assign users to demo environments. It also tracks, recycles, and shuts down unused environments. This automation saves the client tens of thousands of dollars quarterly on their AWS bill.

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