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We Had Three Things In Mind

When we founded Kelsus, we had three important things in mind that have stuck with us for eleven years:

1. We love building software

A blank tab on an IDE and some morning coffee is a great way to start the day. Knowing that the software we write is ideally suited to it’s purpose is even better. This pride of craftsmanship is a core value.

2. Smart people are where it’s at

We love to surround ourselves with smart people. And not just inside Kelsus, but our clients too. Where better to find smart people than in the ranks of those that are willing to take the risks to start an entrepreneurial journey?

3. Professionals should be treated well and paid well

We’ve worked at companies that pressured employees to burnout and took advantage of salary laws to squeeze more hours out of people without paying them more. We don’t do that. We pay well, we respect time off, and we expect our clients to do the same. The best startup founders know that beyond about 50 hours a week they’re not only getting marginal returns on effort, they’re also stifling their own creativity and ingenuity.

Since then we’ve grown, and worked diligently on team improvement and skill.

Kelsus Leadership

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Jon Christensen


Jon founded Kelsus in 2008 while on a sabbatical of sorts in Uruguay. Prior to Kelsus, Jon had roles building technical and business teams in 3 successful startups (Boldtech, StorePerform, IP Commerce) and 2 unsuccessful ones (Prestotech, Mocapay). In addition to running Kelsus, Jon is a TechStars mentor, former host of the software development podcast, Mobycast, and holds a degree in computer science from Amherst College.

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Federico Tuckey


Fede was one of the first developers to join Kelsus (read the full story). Since those early days, he has been an instrumental leader in Kelsus’s growth in Argentina.

Caught on holiday in Mallorca, Spain in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic, Fede decided to stay and is helping build the company's new European presence.

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Raul Herrmann


Raul is a thoughtful, empathetic leader, and a razor sharp technologist. With Kelsus since the beginning (read full story), he has built the team in Argentina, established a supportive remote development culture, and tamed multiple projects too big for two pizza teams (at once).

Raul has also been a sought after iOS development teacher and a speaker at Nodeconf Buenos Aires.

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Jonathan Diaz


Jony is the most technically focused of the principals in Argentina. His flexible, fast, easy to maintain architectures have delighted Kelsus clients and turned heads at FAANGs. Jony is responsible for the high bar of hiring and rapid staff development at Kelsus. He earned his systems engineering degree from Argentina’s national technical university in 2010.

Jony was a recent speaker at Nodeconf in Buenos Aires.

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Roshan Cholas

Product Manager

Roshan is an accomplished product manager that entered the technology sector by way of civil engineering.

Her initial software experience came by way of a startup named TAAZ that built tools for the world’s biggest style companies (Estee Lauder, Instyle, People, MAC, Revlon and more).

Her software user experience designs are in use by employees of Amazon, Bank of America, 24 Hour Fitness, and thousands of thousands of social media savvy pets across America.

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Nahuel Burgos

Solutions Architect

Nahuel has been with Kelsus since 2015 and has done every kind of development: mobile Android, mobile iOS, front end React.js, and backend AWS work with in Node or Python using Docker or serverless architectures.

He has created highly specialized architectures for WebRTC, productionized machine learning, FIDO2, and more. Nahuel is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, but before you pigeonhole him as a pure techy, know that he can also lead product discovery meetings and draw fantastic wireframes.

Would you like to help out? We’re always looking for talented developers, designers, and leaders.