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A Fully Invested Technical Partner

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Experience Matters

The research is in and experienced entrepreneurs tend to be more successful. They benefit from their hard learned lessons. Whether or not you are new to the startup world, it makes sense to heed this and work with an experienced team for the technical execution of your vision.

The Kelsus team has founded startups. Has raised over $25 million in VC, and has worked with dozens of startups to discover, frame, build, and execute on visions that have lead to successful exits. To celebrations of achievement!


Peace of mind that engineering is handled

There’s a sweet spot between over and under-engineering software for startups. It’s that spot that makes the most use of available funds to build a product that is ready for just the right amount of scale.

Trusting that your dev team has that sweet spot at heart and knows how to hit it lets you keep focused on your business.


Data driven product decisions

Before users start paying for your product, product-market fit is just a hypothesis. For features you’re test-marketing, Kelsus will build them in a way that lets you measure their success, limit their audience, and use up the minimum budget required to evaluate their business value.


The best developers without the highest rates

We’ve seen very reputable companies charge startups $275 an hour for development services. We can assure you that price tag does not translate to startup success. We right-size our prices so that you can stick with us for the long term and feel comfortable experimenting with features and learning about your customers while we continue to add value.


Actual Funding

Where it makes sense, Kelsus will deepen our partnership with you by putting our money where our mouth is. We will offer up to four months of development services in exchange for equity (a $25,000-$50,000 investment).

We can also offer introductions to VCs willing to take the lead in a seed round for the right team and business model, and it will be nice at that meeting to not have the capability of the engineering team factor into the decision.

Let’s start by learning about your startup


Expert startup engineering and go to market advice


Funding to accelerate execution and growth


Engineer for data driven product roadmapping


Systems built just right on AWS to scale with success